Hi, I’m Angie

Like many educators, I have found the education system to be both compelling and challenging. Having been a good student when I was younger,  their institutional  nature never bothered me, but I was ambitious, right from the off, to infuse my work and all my professional interactions with integrity.

I realised my unique style of teaching pretty early on. It was fun, it was deep, and it had plenty of room for heart. I'd assumed that by being warm, outgoing and getting on with people that my leadership style would emerge effortlessly.  However, what transpired was that the overwhelm of wanting to be liked sat uncomfortably with my mission to make things better.

That said, I quickly understood that I needed to take responsibility for the way in which I wanted to show up in school and becoming the leader I wanted to get behind. I set out on a journey to consciously craft my unique style of leadership in which I would lead with inspiration and warmth and wisdom.

I've been in education for 18 years, been a senior leader since 2006 and have experienced Headship in mainstream secondary, all-through and pupil referral settings. I participate in Ambition School Leadership Programme delivery, am a Leadership Matters Ambassador and have run a variety of education leadership training programmes. I’ve used this variety of roles as opportunities to turn being a mother, multi-passionate, creative practitioner to my advantage, seeking ways in which to normalise these experiences for other women and inspire them to put their hands up and themselves forward.

Over the last few years, I have coached women from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors, and I specialise in education leadership coaching using an ethical lens.

I’ve helped women who believe that their access to, or success within, senior leadership or Headship is compromised. I love working with women who feel that their unique approach to working with others, their minority group status or their many roles as mothers, daughters and leaders somehow hamper their progress or are seen as problematic by their peers. I am passionate about working with women through these perceived obstacles and helping them uncover the  unfair advantage they always possess.

I’ve been trusted by many women to undertake this journey with them, and it has been a joy to watch how our work together has supercharged their ambition and their leadership development.