It all started when…

NourishEd Collective was an idea hatched by Angela Browne amidst the dramatic backdrop of the mass exodus from schools by teachers and leaders and amidst the cacophony of voices questioning the efficacy and morality of our current education system. A recent survey reveals that 50% of teachers are considering leaving the profession within a few years due to workload and low morale. With more people gaining an awareness of the importance of wellbeing and balance and making changes to their lives inspired by the media they consume, the wellness industry is impacting in a big way on traditional workplaces.  Workplaces will no longer be able to allow their employees to live and work life out of balance. All industries are facing it but in education with over 450,000 teachers working in English schools alone and a commitment to ensuring the next generation of teachers are able to thrive we face a worrying crisis. 

In its own right this would be enough to inspire a community like NourishEd Collective but sadly, an even more worrying rise in child and adolescent mental health problems in our pupil body has many teachers and school leaders worried. The impact of the standards agenda combined with cuts to provision are commented on by school leaders and parents alike and the sector faces an unprecedented crisis in the realm of wellbeing. NourishEd Collective is a place for us to to share and voice our concerns and try to problems solve together. 

NourishEd Collective is a space for women educators, a space for us to give inspiring and meaningful advice to each other, to keep us in teaching and to help us inspire the wellness of the next generation. 

A space where you will find practical advice, curated wisdom and stunning support, the collective is thematically built around key areas that women have been telling me hold their frustrations. 

Schools need outstanding leadership in order to educate the child of our times. But school leadership is often viewed through a very narrow lens. The collective supports fearless leaders in foregrounding some un-celebrated areas of school life. It is a practical melting pot of ideas for school leaders interested in creating a school that nourishes the whole school community, a place to learn how to create an environment, atmosphere and spirit of wellness that, in turn speaks volumes about the heart of your leadership and has a positive impact on outcomes, a place that speaks to the desires of many school leaders to get back to the vocation of education and the bringing about of human flourishing.