The Nourished Collective Podcast: Episode 4: The Disingenuous System

In this episode, I am talking about what I have termed a disingenuous system. 

I talk about the fact that our school system is a system that knows deep down that the ills of society cannot be managed by schools and their leaders. I talk about the fact that it is a system that knows that modern British life is overwhelming for us all. I also talk about the fact that it is a system that knows that the stakes are too high for mere mortals and that that there is no pipeline to fill the posts being left in droves or those being fired for not meeting its standards. 

I question the fact that it is a system that insists on celebrating the strong and venerating 'those that can' while looking on at those that flounder and ‘fail' like mortals like they are the problem. 

On Whose Shoulders?

The first question that Michael Hyatt asks in his blog 20 Questions to ask other Leaders is can you name someone who has had a massive impact on you as a leader and if so, what was their impact. Now, I can think of and cite many, many people, mentors, friends and coaches who have changed my leadership and my life and while picking one out is tricky I’ve recently been reflecting that there is a little clutch of three women who all made a difference to me at a formative stage.

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