#teacher5aday #pledge #2017

With radiant as my #OneWord2017 it feels really important to make a pledge to look after my wellbeing and radiate health, life and energy.

It feels like there are so many areas in which the nourishing voice at the back of mind gets over-ridden and this means I have not been as radiant as I might be at times. I know this pledge will be a great help to me.


  • I will nurture old friendships this year. Lot's of my friends have borne with me through an exceptionally busy season in my life and I now need to feed those friendships again.  
  • I will connect properly with family this year (without mobile devices around). I have a gorgeous grandmother who I will spend more time with and a very supportive family who, likewise I pledge to give more 'present' time to. Weekends without too much of a programme will be an aim! 
  • I will connect more in the online space with educators and researchers who I have met over the last year and hope to meet new friends on Twitter and Staffrm as the year progresses. 


  • I will continue to notice and recognise my team at school. They do great things and paying attention to the details of their work makes us all feel so much more positive about our school. 
  • I will notice the little moments and victories for which I should be grateful. It is so easy to rue the day - I will try to flip this every day.  


  • I pledge to read across a range of topics and genre this year. I have a mixed pile of books (some great new fiction as well as education leadership books) to see me through the next season.  
  • I plan to visit a range of schools this year and get my head out of my school periodically. I always learn so much from talking with other teachers and school leaders so visiting new settings will be a must.


  • I will strengthen my involvement with the @WomenEd community this year. I have already signed up to host an event at my school and would like to do more of this. I will also throw myself into supporting events across the country through attendance or sharing/promoting. 
  • I will continue to offer some pro bono coaching this year as I look to improve my coaching skills and give something back. I have had so much support from others over the years and I continue to benefit from the support of great colleagues, family and friends. Offering my time in this area feels like a real pleasure. 


  • I miss having an exercise regime. By hook or by crook, I will fit one in this year. If I can't find a way of squeezing the gym in regularly then I pledge to walk as much as possible each day. 
  • I will dust of the Jawbone and get my bike serviced so I can incorporate a cycle each week.
  • I pledge, also, to complete a 10k in the autumn. I haven't run for three years so this will be a good way of getting back to it! Oh and I am signing up for the #teacher5aday #5kchallenge !!

Let's get to it.