Happy Inauguration to the #BAMEed Unconference

On the eve of the inaugural #BAMEedconf17  in Birmingham, which will explore themes of unconscious bias. I can feel the stirrings of inaugural night sentiment. A light is shone on my hopes and dreams for the future and I feel a sense of pride in humanity, in particular that small group of people who have gathered to initiate a game-changing gathering and work beyond.

I am sad that I won't be there tomorrow but I know with absolute certainty that the #BAMEedconf17's existence is ringing in some hugely beneficial changes for all of us educators interested in diversifying our workforce and challenging inequality.

Having been lucky enough to have had a window into some of the back story of this event coming to being, I can attest to the clarity of focus, determination and zeal that the organisers have put into making it a success. 

I want to wish the movement well, I want to doff my cap to the organisers of tomorrow's event and I hope that the challenging conversations, moments of clarity, solidarity and impetus to change things for the better sing from our collective Twitter feeds and into some action that we can all take responsibility for in coming weeks and months.

Here's to you and have a fabulous day!