Coaching is powerful for anyone wishing to breakthrough challenges and limitations or wishing to grow. It can support our personal lives as well as transform the way in which we show up at work and exhibit the courage to be our autonomous best selves.

Coaching provides the perfect means to:

  • Find a nourished sense of autonomy

  • Connect your life, your work and your values

  • Uncover the beliefs you have that limit you and discover your unfair advantage

  • Find the balance between your role as a leader and your personal life

  • Find ways of drawing up and sticking to boundaries at work and in relationships

  • Learn how to advocate for yourself and articulate your worth

  • Work through the ideas you may have about being an imposter


Want to find out a bit more about what’s involved?

Book in for a free 45 minute Discovery Session in which we’ll talk about your life, your dreams and your reasons for an interest in coaching. I’ll outline the coaching process, including my fees and the programmes I offer. We’ll then begin on a 3, 6 or 12 month coaching journey together.


Group Coaching

For information about The Nourished Woman ~ Group Coaching Programme please follow the link and sign up for updates.