Become the leader you want to be. Make this the job you deserve.

  • Have you ever worked in a setting or organisation that makes you feel torn between assimilation and authenticity.

  • Are you ambitious but secretly harbouring doubts that you’ll be able to make this the job you really want.

  • Do you sometimes feel that you don’t show up in the right way and that you are not always congruent with the message of your organisation.

  • Do you have a deeply held moral purpose and desire to lead ethically, but lack the confidence to do so?

  • Do you need practical tools to help you improve your ability to do and enjoy your job?

  • Do you want support with people management, learning the art of delegation and dealing with conflict at board or organisational level?

  • Do you need the community, wisdom and support to become the leader you want to be.

There are plenty of leadership courses out there, and often they are brilliant at developing specific skills or knowledge but they don’t always support the emerging leader who does not want to assimilate but who wants to buck trends, smash glass ceilings, change paradigms and reframe the culture of her organisation.


Welcome to The Ethical Leader


My dream for you is that you finish The Ethical Leader

  • Knowing exactly the kind of leader you are, and knowing what behaviours you want to develop to be the best version of yourself.

  • Clear on how to use a framework for ethical leadership in your work and able to stick like glue to your core values.

  • Having tackled your ‘imposter’ and able to confidently manage conflict as well as diverse groups of people.

  • Having developed a bold message and narrative for your organisation.

  • Able to creatively and ethically develop your organisations in absolute congruence with your values

  • Knowing how to find support, community and allies as well as form allegiances


Testimonial from a participant on one of my programmes…

Angie Browne’s deeply-held conviction that helping people to find their ‘why’ helps to unleash their potential and generate energy for positive change means that a coaching conversation with her can be truly transformational. Her critical empathy encourages honest and productive self-reflection that leave the recipients of her skilled and probing questions truly empowered.

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, meeting Angie Browne changed my life: her refreshing honesty coupled with her indubitable integrity combine to inspire a belief that anything can be possible. Of particular benefit was her skilled analysis of how I could tailor and tweak my focus on audience during professional interviews to enhance my credibility whilst staying true to my values.

In an increasingly fast-paced world, to have someone sit and listen intelligently and insightfully with both their head and their heart felt like a blessing.

The Programme

The Ethical Leader is a 10 week programme of coaching and development for women who believe in ethical leadership. It is designed to help you become the leader you want to be.

The programme uses my L.E.A.P framework and supports women toward:

Leadership Competence

Ethical Maturity

Articulating Ambitiously

Positioning yourself Powerfully


Leadership Competence

In the first 3 weeks we will explore and develop leadership competence using profiling tools to interrogate where you are now.

We’ll consider the unfair advantage that most women have as they bring their EQ to the table.

We’ll explore how women can lead and do things differently.

Ethical Maturity

The next 3 weeks take us to the heart of the course and support ethical maturation.

We’ll use the Enneagram to support you in some deep inner work.

We will explore the Ethical Leadership Framework and put it to use to review ethical dilemmas

Then we’ll devise and commit to plans for ethical leadership and action in our own settings.

Articulating Ambitiously

This section of the programme is all about how as women we out ourselves out there.

We’ll dedicate a session to the imposter syndrome, managing it with people and in situations of conflict.

We’ll take a practical workshop approach to crafting mission and vision statements.

We’ll get to the heart of getting yourself heard, showing up with confidence and acknowledging your success.

Positioning yourself Powerfully

The final week is a chance to commit to positioning yourself powerfully.

We’ll cover community, ally-ship, social media presence, writing, blogging and we will carefully consider your allegiances and alliances.



What is The Ethical Leader?

A ten-week programme for women who want to shape their charity but feel torn between assimilation and authenticity.

Who is it for?

Women who are in a charities leadership and who want to be more, do better and shape the job they really want. The programme’s focus is on the transformation from being a leader who feels she is assimilating to one who can show up with absolute authenticity. It is as much about shaping the role you currently have as it is about getting a new role.

What if I am brand new to education / teaching or the sector I am working in?

This programme is not for you if you are right at the start of your career. That said, it might suit you if you are a more experienced woman who has recently changed sector, having gained prior experience in a different field.

How does it work?

The programme is delivered over 10 weeks and includes:

  • 10 modules delivered live and online with practical activities, interim homework and exercises.

  • A programme workbook to be completed during our live sessions.

  • 2 private 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • Support from a beautiful community within a private online group.

How much time will it take for me to work through the course?

In addition to the 2 hour live sessions you’ll need to commit to a further 1-2 hours per week for reading, exercises and fun activities. You will get immediate access to our online community.

How much does it cost?

The Ethical Leader Programme costs £2000 (inc VAT)

If you would like to spread the cost, an initial payment of £500 will secure your place, followed by four monthly payments of £437.50.

All prices include VAT.


Who is Angie Browne?

I've been in education for 18 years, been a senior leader since 2006 and have experienced Headship in mainstream secondary, all-through and pupil referral settings. I participate in Ambition School Leadership Programme delivery, am a Leadership Matters Ambassador and have run a variety of education leadership training programmes.

Over the last few years, I have coached women from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors, and I specialise in education leadership coaching using an ethical lens.

I’ve helped women who believe that their access to, or success within, senior leadership or Headship is compromised. I love working with women who feel that their unique approach to working with others, their minority group status or their many roles as mothers, daughters and leaders somehow hamper their progress or are seen as problematic by their peers. I am passionate about working with women through these perceived obstacles and helping them uncover the unfair advantage they always possess.